Germicidal Disinfectant Flyer 

Germicidal Detergent/ Disinfectant

Item# CP232 / 00327 1 carton of 132 packs = $60.35  (1 pack makes a 1 quart spray bottle of disinfectant detergent cleaner)

Item# CP205/ 00344  1 carton of 20 packs = $33.84    ( 1 pack makes a 5 gallon depot container of disinfectant detergent cleaner)

0356 Depot Container $19.82 each

CP3202 (00350) 1 quart spray bottle for Germicidal $2.52 each

We sell by the case as well.

Tested to kill Covid!  Killed Sars Virus back in 2003, so this is a proven product!  EPA Registered.  Basically unscented, and a pH Neutral product that leaves no residue.  

Cleans any hard surface including glass, mirrors and stainless steel.  Budget Friendly! Kills Covid, HIV, Staph, Salmonella, MYRSA, Strep, Hepatitis, and Influenza.


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